Custom Shop Inventory Update

Custom Shop Inventory Update

Hey everyone! Just thought I’d make a quick post diving into some of the parts available in the custom shop!

I just got a massive shipment of germanium in to round off some of the inventory around here, so if you wanted a fuzz, now is the time! We get 2N1307/1309’s, AFY15’s, AC187’s, AC132’s, ASY80’s, AF138’s, EFT83’s, and more all from top tier manufacturers such as Mullard, Telefunken, IPRS, Philips. This might sound pretty nerdy to some of you, but to me it just makes it that much more easier to achieve your dream tone with parts on hand!

With that same shipment also came around 60 red dot Mullard OA7 germanium diodes, which are one of my favourite when it comes to drive/distortion pedals. These diodes clip really easily, so for heavy drive/fuzz territory they are perfect!

In addition to all this, I have orange drop capacitors a growing selection of germanium diodes (at 22 right now!) and too many other parts to list here.. just send me an email!

Once again to everyone for all the support, this wouldn’t be possible without you all! Check out the custom shop and don’t hesitate to reach out!
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