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The Hybrid Chorus is BACK!

Building on the classic late 70’s chorus topology we all know and love, the Hybrid Chorus is a true bypass, no tone-sucking pedal that takes things one step further.

At its heart the Hybrid Chorus is powered by NOS BBD (Bucket-Brigade-Device) chips. These chips have been out of production for years now, and there are numerous fakes on the market due to their scarcity.

The Hybrid Chorus features three selectable speed ranges, and a "hifi" output stage capable of running anywhere from 9-18v, ensuring whatever you plug in shimmers on the other end!

The Hybrid Chorus also features a footswitchable vibrato mode, dropping the dry signal from the mix and give you the pure BBD output!

This one is a true analog chorus/vibrato pedal, that pays tribute to the original while also being its own animal.

Each Hybrid Chorus is built with premium components by hand in Ontario, Canada and is signed and numbered.

This batch is limited to 10 pedals, first come, first serve!

NOTE: This is a PRE ORDER. Pedals construction has began, and they are currently waiting on enclosures.

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