Hybrid Chorus Update #1

Hybrid Chorus Update #1

Hey everyone!

Just thought I’d pop by here and give a more detailed update than what you may have seen me post on social media (that is the point of the site… right?)

Development on the “Hybrid Chorus” has been coming along well! PCB’s arrived and when I assembled the first test board, I found two spots where I needed jumpers to get the pedal up and running. While this wouldn’t be an issue for a personal build, it’s not something I can sell. A new design has been submitted for printing that remedies these errors, and then final assembly can begin!

It took 4 different sellers, and a TON of back and forth, but legitimate NOS BBDs are in! Unless specified, pedals will include either an MN3207 or BL3207, both being functionally the same part, the latter being dated to 04’ instead of an earlier year.

At the time of writing this there is only 5 units left available for preorder, so now is definitely the time if you want one! The next batch won’t be for a while, as I have some other ideas I want to release after this (hint: a sealed tube of Raytheon RC3403ADB’s is on its way).

Thanks again for reading if you got this far, transparency is important and it’s even more important to keep everyone in the loop!

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